Bellwether League, Inc.  

Our Mission

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Imagine if a top flight surgeon entered a hospital operating room suite fully prepped for a life-saving surgical procedure only to find the room completely empty, save for the patient lying on a table in the center.

Lacking the equipment, supplies and tools needed to perform surgery effectively renders the surgeon powerless and the patient at risk. But it also highlights the critical and pivotal role played by an important group in the hospital who perform a fundamentally useful function–supply chain management professionals.

These business-oriented but clinically minded men and women must keep their feet firmly planted in two distinct worlds. Not only do they have to supply all of the necessary devices and equipment for doctors and nurses to care for patients and generate top-line revenue for their facilities, but they also have to manage the bottom line through product evaluations and selections, contract negotiations and logistics issues.

Bellwether League Inc. brings to light the efforts of the influencers, innovators, pioneers and risk takers that helped and continue to help mold and shape the healthcare supply chain profession. Their successes and failures not only promote their leadership qualities but also serve as education and inspiration for future generations.