Bellwether League, Inc.Max H. Goodloe, Sr. (1921-1997)

Max H. Goodloe, Sr.
Advancing the Profession/Industry Influence

Max Goodloe founded General Medical Corp., the second-largest distributor behind American Hospital Supply. He pioneered the concept of a national distribution company with a local sales and warehousing presence so customers anywhere in the nation could rely on either same-day emergency or next-day delivery service.

Goodloe built his company through a string of acquisitions and took his company public on the New York Stock Exchange in 1969. At its peak, General Medical was the largest physician supplier in the nation and the second-largest hospital supplier behind American Hospital Supply, reaching $400 million in sales, employing 1,500 people with 80 profit centers, including manufacturing companies. Goodloe hired and mentored Pat Kelly, who would found Physician Sales & Service, which became the nation's No. 1 physician supplier, as well as Roy Childrey, who co-founded StarLine Dealers Association.

Early on in his career, Goodloe would pioneer innovative marketing and merchandising techniques for doctors, placing product boxes, as well as empty, but closed, cases on the shelves to showcase product access and reliability. Goodloe inked one of the first distribution contracts with what would become Humana, as well as the first contract with Hospital Corporation of America. Goodloe pursued all three major market segments – hospitals, nursing homes and doctors offices – when the competition focused primarily on two, leaving doctors offices out.

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