Congratulations to the Bellwether Class of 2008:

Dean S. Ammer, Ph.D., 1926-1999e
Dean S. Ammer, Ph.D., (1926-1999)

Ammer, an acclaimed Northeastern University professor of industrial engineering and economics, was a prolific author and speaker, regarded by many as the father of healthcare materials management – even in contemporary circles. As far back as the early 1960s, he advocated the effectiveness of purchasing, predicted that materials management would be viewed as a corporate position and a profit center and promoted a supply chain function that integrated a variety of operational components to service customers throughout the hospital. Although Ammer died in late 1999, his publications and influence remain popular and are still quoted and sourced today.

Lee C. Boergadine
Lee C. Boergadine

Boergadine was known for his accomplishments and leadership as a supply chain management director for not-for-profit and investor-owned hospitals almost as much as his popular continuing education and training seminars. Through those seminars, hosted by Health Service Corporation of America’s Academy for Professional Development, Boergadine helped train more than 600 materials management professionals in the areas of finance and supply chain operations.

Gene D. Burton, 1927-2016
Gene D. Burton, (1927-2016)

After a decade in hospital purchasing, Burton launched a full-service shared services organization for not-for-profit hospitals in western Kentucky in 1968 before overseeing and expanding centralized corporate purchasing operations at two of the nation’s largest investor-owned hospital chains. He retired from the healthcare purchasing world to found a successful equipment planning and procurement consulting firm in the late 1980s that still operates today.

Charles E. Housley
Charles E. Housley

Housley was one of the few hospital supply chain management directors to become president and CEO of a facility. He pioneered the concepts of just-in-time and stockless distribution in hospitals, product evaluation and standardization committees and emphasized the value of forecasting and product formularies back in the 1970s and 1980s. Most of his authoritative published works, and consulting and speaking engagements reflected his advocacy that materials managers should be elevated to executive level positions for the business side of hospital operations.

Thomas W. Kelly
Thomas W. Kelly

Kelly spent a decade of his supply chain management career at one of the oldest and most venerable institutions in the nation – Massachusetts General Hospital – where he restructured the facility’s purchasing organization to be more responsive to the needs of hospital employees and vendors, as well as control costs through standardization, value analysis and workflow improvements. With his 35 years as an adjunct professor of management information systems/information technology at Northeastern University, Kelly established and maintained a micro distributed computerized system for finance, purchasing and materials flow for a large healthcare network in the Northeast.

William J. McFaul
William J. McFaul

Despite his early career in not-for-profit hospital purchasing and shared services operations, McFaul may be best known for launching a prominent consulting firm that helped hospitals control non-salary expenses and streamline operations. McFaul was an influential proponent of shared services ventures between related and unrelated healthcare facilities and was instrumental in the creation and development of one of the 10 largest group purchasing organizations in the industry. He pioneered the concept of contract management services for materials management, as well as developed concepts for data sharing, statistical analysis of product and service consumption and standardization, clinical value analysis and strategic resource management. Today he leads The Center for Modeling Optimal Outcomes, a firm he created to cultivate critical thinking, leadership, management and visionary process development and has earned patents on a number of learning and leadership training programs.

Tom Pirelli
Tom Pirelli

Pirelli is best known for founding Enterprise Systems Inc., a healthcare software firm that was one of the first companies to offer personal computer-based business systems for use in hospitals. In fact, ESI was the first software company to install a local area network in a hospital and the first to integrate bar code scanners and touch screens for tracking hospital supplies. ESI’s supply chain application software was considered the industry standard during the 1980s and 1990s because it brought discipline and efficiency in a user-friendly package to the business of managing the supply chain. Through his Arial Foundation Pirelli is dedicated to working with children, handicapped individuals and poor families, helping to construct new homes and apply automation, robotics and voice-controlled technology to improve daily living and local economies.

Donald J. Siegle
Donald J. Siegle (1932-2020)

Siegle parlayed his buying skills acquired in the steel industry in western Pennsylvania to help create and develop one of the five largest group purchasing organizations in the nation. As a passionate and vocal advocate of collaboration and cooperation between hospital buyers, a strategy that could help them collectively negotiate with the multi-million dollar companies supplying the healthcare industry, Siegle stressed procurement education as the seed of professional success and reduced healthcare costs.

Alex J. Vallas, 1932-2016
Alex J. Vallas, (1932-2016)

Vallas, whose hospital materials management career spanned more than three decades, helped introduce the concept of value analysis into healthcare from industry and was one of the first to push for materials management certification. He strongly advocated that materials management play a major role in a hospital’s financial stability, urging the need to elevate the status of purchasing, materials or supply chain management to an executive level and arguing for a clear separation between providers and suppliers in favor of professional leadership development.

2020 Future Famers Honored

Future Famers 2020 Future Famers Class of 2020 - Left to right:

Hunter Chandler, Director, Supply Chain Information Systems, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Winston-Salem, NC

Jack Koczela, Director of Services, Supply Chain, Froedtert Health Integrated Service Center, Menomonee Falls, WI

Kenneth Scher, CMRP, Vice President, End-to-End Supply Chain, Nexera Inc., New York

2019 Future Famers Honored

Future Famers 2019 Future Famers Class of 2019 - Left to right: Geisinger Health’s Jun B. Amora, Memorial Health System’s Erin M. Bromley, Avera Health’s Sara M. Henderson, Mid-America Service Solutions’ Jessica Rinderle and Dartmout-Hitchcock Health’s Sidney L. Hamilton. Not pictured: The University of Kansas Health System’s Brian A. Dolan.

2018 Future Famers Honored

Future Famers 2018 Future Famers Class of 2018 - Standing (left to right): Troy Compardo, Amy Chieppa and Andy Leaders. Not pictured: Ryan Rotar.

2017 Future Famers Honored

Future Famers 2017 Future Famers Class of 2017 - Standing (left to right): Mark Growcott, Ph.D., Karen Kresnik, R.N., and Ben Cahoy. Not pictured: Derek Havens and Christy Crestin.

2016 Future Famers Honored

Future Famers 2016 Future Famers Class of 2016 - Standing (left to right): Erik Walerius, Nisha Lulla and Rob Proctor. Not pictured: Jimmy Henderson, Kate Polczynski and Baljeet Sangha.

2015 Future Famers Honored

Future Famers 2015 Future Famers Class of 2015 - Standing (left to right): University of Chicago’s Eric Tritch, Ochsner Health’s Will Barrette, Providence Health’s Justin Freed, Mercy Health/St. Rita’s Jason Hays, Parkview Health’s Donna Van Vlerah and Texas Health’s Nate Mickish (back and to the right).

2020 Dean S. Ammer Award for Healthcare Supply Chain Performance Excellence

Ammer Award 2020 Randy V. Bradley, Ph.D., CPHIMS, FHIMSS, Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management and Information Systems, University of Tennessee Knoxville, Haslam College of Business, Department of Supply Chain Management
Randy V. Bradley Profile

2017 Ammer Award Honoree Organization

Ammer Award 2017 Mayo Clinic’s Jim Francis accepts the 2017 Dean S. Ammer Award for Supply Chain Excellence, on behalf of his Ammer Level 5 Supply Chain Organization.

2016 Inaugural Ammer Award

Ammer Award 2016 Michael Louviere accepts the inaugural Dean S. Ammer Award for Supply Chain Excellence on behalf of his Supply Chain team at Ochsner Health System.