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Bellwether League, Inc.Hall of Fame for Healthcare Supply Chain Leadership unveils educational, informational, sponsorship changes

SCHAUMBURG, IL (January 28, 2022) – As part of its 15th anniversary celebration Bellwether League Foundation updated its educational and informational offerings and its sustaining, program and event sponsorship opportunities for organizations and individuals.

First, Bellwether League Foundation (BLF) changed the venue for the 15th Annual Bellwether League Foundation Induction & Recognition Event (BLFIRE). On Monday, Oct. 3, 2022, Bellwether Honorees will be inducted into the Hall of Fame for Healthcare Supply Chain Leadership, and Future Famers will be recognized for their achievements during the ceremony at Marquette University’s Alumni Memorial Union and Weasler Auditorium, in Milwaukee. Register online at

After two years of pandemic-induced virtual events online and 12 preceding years at a variety of Chicago-area hotels, Bellwether League Foundation’s Board of Directors determined that this year would be the opportune time to return to live, in-person events in an atmosphere that properly reflects the organization’s mission and vision since its debut in 2007.

“The virtual events of the last two years were great, but we are looking forward to bringing back a live event,” said Deborah Templeton, Chairman, Bellwether League Foundation. “Nothing can replace the relationships developed as we come together to honor those who have contributed to the healthcare supply chain industry. We recognize that part of building a stronger supply chain will be developing future generations of supply chain leaders. What better way to engage them than at the root of their education. I am excited to have the venue for our 15th year be in an academic setting.”

BLF selected a mid-sized university with a highly ranked and growing collegiate supply chain program to reinforce its commitment to developing and refining the supply chain leaders of today and tomorrow, according to Rick Dana Barlow, BLF Co-Founder and Executive Director, and Administrator, BLF’s Hall of Fame for Healthcare Supply Chain Leadership.

“Our plan from the very beginning was to host the annual event at a university that we recognized as sharing our mission and vision for the industry and profession,” Barlow said. “It may have taken us 15 years to reach this point, but we are excited to restart our in-person adventure with Marquette and look forward to sharing a new and valuable experience with everyone.”

BLF also expanded its educational and informational content online by adding a variety of video, audio and printed media on its website. At, you can access videos from several in-person and virtual induction and recognition events as well as videos and audio files of BLF’s Healthcare Supply Chain Leadership Forum. They join a collection of podcasts with thought leaders and content from its Leaders & Luminaries magazine.

Visitors to the website also can access an insightful instructional video on how to nominate someone for Bellwether Honoree and Future Famer consideration by clicking here: Reminder: The deadline for Future Famer and Bellwether Honoree nominations is Monday, January 31, 2022.

Finally, BLF reduced its initial sustaining sponsorship donation to generate more participation and support, the details of which can be found on

“We want to emphasize our commitment to education and learning and to recognizing industry leaders and pioneers,” Barlow said. “Because we continue to grapple with the pandemic and to struggle with supply chain issues and inflation, we decided to reduce our initial sustaining sponsorship donation to make it more inviting for organizations and individuals to join us. Yes, you heard that right – as most everyone else is raising prices these days, we are lowering prices because we feel that our mission and vision is too important not to make it easier and more fiscally accessible for people to participate and support supply chain performance excellence.”

Bellwether League’s Future Famers recognize industry all-stars early in their careers, shining a spotlight on some of the innovative and progressive projects they implement that make a difference within their respective organizations and for the industry.

Bellwether Class recognition honors the entire careers of innovative and pioneering leaders in the healthcare supply chain whose efforts and achievements have left an indelible mark of high performance and quality service on their organizations and the industry as a whole.

About Bellwether League Foundation

Bellwether League Foundation comprises two operating divisions that educate, endow and evaluate professionals in healthcare supply chain performance excellence: The Hall of Fame for Healthcare Supply Chain Leadership and Bellwether Philanthropy.

The Hall of Fame for Healthcare Supply Chain Leadership evaluates and validates professionals submitted for consideration in its three award programs: Bellwether Honorees, Future Famers and Ammer Honorees. The Hall of Fame also offers educational content via the Healthcare Supply Chain Leadership Forum and its “Leaders & Luminaries” multimedia of live, online and printed content.

The Board selects deceased, retired and currently active professionals with a minimum of 25 years of exemplary service and leadership performance in supply chain operations that meet its criteria to be recognized publicly as Bellwether Class Honorees.

Future Famers represent supply chain professionals early in their healthcare careers who do not yet qualify for Bellwether consideration but have contributed meaningfully to the profession.

Honorees who receive the “Dean S. Ammer Award for Healthcare Supply Chain Performance Excellence” represent noteworthy executives and professionals in the middle of their careers who, through their innovative leadership and influential project management experience, best exemplify the practice and spirit of healthcare supply chain performance excellence.

To date, The Hall of Fame for Healthcare Supply Chain Leadership has honored 129 innovators, leaders and pioneers in healthcare supply chain management in five distinct categories: Education & Media, Supply Chain Management, Group Purchasing, Supplier and Consulting Services. Bellwether League also has recognized 33 Future Famers, and two Ammer Honorees.

Bellwether Philanthropy offers grants, scholarships and capstone educational projects to college-bound high school students who plan to study supply chain curricula, current collegiate students who major in supply chain-related careers and professionals who pursue continuing education through associations and universities.

Launched in late July 2007 by a group of influential veterans in the healthcare supply chain industry, Bellwether League Foundation began as a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit corporation that upgraded to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in January 2021.

Bellwether League Foundation currently is funded by six Founding and Platinum Sponsors – GHX, HealthTrust, Owens & Minor, Premier, Vizient and Wingfoot Media – and a host of additional sponsors.


For more information on how to become a sustaining or corporate sponsor or to nominate Bellwether Honoree, Ammer Honoree and Future Famer candidates visit