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Bellwether League, Inc.Hall of Fame for Healthcare Supply Chain Leadership inducts 8

SCHAUMBURG, IL (October 23, 2018) – Bellwether League Inc. inducted 8 healthcare supply chain industry innovators, leaders and pioneers into the Bellwether Class of 2018 for their noteworthy contributions and performance. They joined 96 honorees inducted during the last decade.

Bellwether League inducted the newest class on Monday, October 1, during its 11th Annual Bellwether Induction Dinner Event at The Westin-O’Hare in the northwest Chicago inner suburb of Rosemont.

The group tapped into all five of Bellwether League’s targeted industry segments – provider supply chain management, supplier, group purchasing organization, consultant and education and media – with the majority specializing in two to three of those segments throughout their careers.

The Bellwether Class of 2018 inductees included Patrick E. Carroll Jr., Marvin J. Feldman, R.Ph., John B. Gaida, Winifred S. Hayes, Ph.D., Janine C. Jagger, Ph.D., Mary A. Starr, Nicholas C. Toscano and Robert T. Yokl.

Bellwether League also honored the four members of the Future Famers Class of 2018.

Bellwether League Chairman Nick Gaich marveled at the breadth and depth of Honorees, Bellwethers and Future Famers over the years.

“As Bellwether League enters its second decade of service, once again I am struck by an overwhelming sense of pride and humility,” Gaich told the audience. “Each of our Honorees and Future Famers have embarked on a journey of personal discovery, fueled by a passion to serve others and through their efforts they demonstrated an unwavering dedication to our profession that continues to shine today as a beacon of light for us all.

“For each one of our Honorees, they add their mark in time, continuing a generational legacy of healthcare supply chain contributions,” Gaich continued. He further identified three leadership-oriented central tenets to their success that represented a “prevailing theme” for the evening’s event: Courage, character and commitment.

“Each one of our Honorees tonight has demonstrated the courage to pursue opportunities beyond conventional thinking. They had the character to hold their resolve during times of uncertainty and an unyielding commitment to hold themselves accountable to make a difference in the health and welfare of the patients, the families and the communities that they have served,” Gaich said. “Just like the Bellwethers and Future Famers that preceded them, the 2018 Bellwether and Future Famers Classes not only leave an indelible footprint of supply chain contributions and influence, but they also will continue to motivate us all to advance our thinking and to test our resolve to offer nothing less than the best of who we are as professionals.”

Gaich concluded his opening remarks by reinforcing his commitment to excellence as demonstrated by the current classes being honored: “I’m a very strong believer in that when passion and purpose meet, greatness happens.”

With emotions alternating between wonder, laughter and tear-welling silence, each of the Bellwether Class of 2018 honorees and their designees expressed appreciation and humility for being recognized, thanking colleagues, peers, team members and family for their ongoing encouragement and support throughout their careers. To read and access video on what they said, visit the Media and Gallery pages on To read what each member of the Bellwether Class of 2018 accomplished, visit the Awards page on

Future Famers honored

Bellwether League honored its 2018 class of Future Famers for supply chain professionals who demonstrate innovative achievements early in their careers that contribute to service excellence.

The current class of Future Famers included:
Amy Chieppa, Executive Director, Integration and Performance, Piedmont Healthcare, Atlanta, GA
Troy Compardo, Director, Supply Chain Operations, BJC HealthCare, St. Louis, MO
Andy Leaders, Vice President, Strategic Markets, Owens & Minor Inc., Mechanicsville, VA
Ryan Rotar, CMRP, System Director, Value Analysis and Project Management, University of North Carolina Health Care System, Durham, NC

Looking to 2019

Bellwether League also marked the official retirement of Secretary Pat Carroll, who had died suddenly two months earlier. Carroll holds the distinct honor of being the first Founding Board Member to serve four terms – 2007-2011 and 2013-2018 – and hold two offices (Treasurer 2007-2011 and Secretary 2013-2018) during those terms. Carroll was posthumously inducted into the Bellwether Class of 2018 for his career and industry contributions.

Board Member Nate Mickish (Future Famers Class of 2015) succeeded Carroll as Secretary. Karen Conway, CMRP, Vice President, Healthcare Value, GHX, joined Bellwether League’s Board of Directors, too.

About Bellwether League

Bellwether League’s Board of Directors, a veteran group of industry advocates, evaluates and validates professionals submitted for consideration in its three award programs: Bellwethers, Future Famers and Ammer-Level Supply Chain Organizations.

The Board selects deceased, retired and currently active professionals with a minimum of 25 years of exemplary service and leadership performance in supply chain operations that meet its criteria to be publicly recognized as Bellwether Class Honorees. Those honored demonstrate their qualifications by advancing the profession through work experience and performance and active participation in professional organizations and their communities.

Future Famers represent supply chain professionals early in their healthcare careers who do not yet qualify for Bellwether consideration, but have contributed to the healthcare supply chain profession in a meaningful way.

Departmental recipients of Bellwether League’s Dean S. Ammer Award for Supply Chain Excellence demonstrate superior performance achievement in their daily operations.

Bellwether League has honored 104 innovators, leaders and pioneers in healthcare supply chain management in five distinct categories: Education & Media, Supply Chain Management, Group Purchasing, Supplier and Consulting Services. Bellwether League also has recognized 21 Future Famers to date and two highly designated Ammer-Level organizations.

Launched in late July 2007 by a group of influential veterans in the healthcare supply chain industry, Bellwether League Inc., is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit corporation that identifies and honors men and women who have demonstrated significant leadership in, influence on and contributions to the supply chain from healthcare providers, healthcare product manufacturers and distributors, group purchasing organizations, consulting firms, educational institutions and media outlets.

Bellwether League currently is funded by six Founding and Platinum Sponsors – Halyard Health, HealthTrust, Owens & Minor, Premier, Vizient and VIE Healthcare – and a host of additional sponsors.

Bellwether League currently is funded by four Founding/Platinum Sponsors – Halyard Health, Owens & Minor, Premier Purchasing Partners and Vizient – and a host of additional sponsors.

The 2018-2019 Board of Directors of Bellwether League Inc. includes a veteran group of industry advocates:

  • Nick Gaich, (chairman) (Bellwether Class of 2013),CEO, Nick Gaich and Associates, Morgan Hill, CA
  • Nathaniel Mickish (secretary) (Future Famers Class of 2015), Vice President, Sourcing, Supply Chain Management, Texas Health Resources, Arlington, TX
  • Deborah A. Petretich Templeton, R.Ph., (treasurer), Chief, System Support Services, Geisinger Health, Danville, PA
  • Rick Dana Barlow (co-founder, executive director), President, Wingfoot Media Inc., Schaumburg, IL
  • Todd Ebert, R.Ph., President and CEO, Healthcare Supply Chain Association (HSCA), Washington
  • Edward J. Hisscock, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Management, Trinity Health, Livonia, MI
  • Jamie C. Kowalski (co-founder, founding chairman 2007-2013), CEO, Jamie C. Kowalski Consulting LLC, Milwaukee, WI
  • Mark A. Van Sumeren, Strategic Advisor, Health Industry Advisor LLC, Ann Arbor, MI

For more information on how to become a sustaining or corporate sponsor or to nominate Honoree and Future Famer candidates visit

Pictures of the Bellwether and Future Famers Classes of 2018 are available on request.

Mark your calendars: The 2019 Bellwethers and Future Famers will be recognized and honored on Monday, September 30, 2019, at the Westin-O’Hare, Rosemont, IL.


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